Company history

In 1984, ADDI-DATA GmbH is founded in Bühlertal (Baden-Württemberg). The focus is set on developing interference-free DAQ cards, at this time still for ISA bus, customised solutions and special-purpose solutions for the harsh industrial environment. From the beginning, the company has four essential principles: quality, reliability, sustainability and adaptability. Thanks to the integration of new bus technologies (PCI and CompactPCI) and new board types, the following years are characterised by a stable growth.

In 1999, the first DIN EN ISO 9001-Norm certification is achieved. The goal is to continuously improve the internal processes and to increase the customer satisfaction.

In 2002, ADDI-DATA presents the first Linux-based Open Source Real-time PAC system MSX Box, a modular platform for distributed measurement and control tasks. Back then, ADDI-DATA has already decided to choose an open and license-free operating system, in order to offer its customers high flexibility and help them to save license and update costs.

In 2006, when the new PCI Express bus enters the market, ADDI-DATA also offers high-performance DAQ cards for measurement and control for this bus type. At the same time, the trend for compact measurement and control systems is emerging. ADDI-DATA reacts with the introduction of the intelligent Ethernet systems of the MSX-E series. Equipped with a processor and an Ethernet interface, they are able to communicate with other systems and are thus the first generation of cyber-physical systems and the first concrete step towards industry 4.0 / advanced manufacturing.

In 2008, ADDI-DATA reaches a company size that requires a company building with more space. The company moves to a modern building in Rheinmuenster with a better infrastructure close to Baden-Airpark.

Based on the approved technology of the MSX-E Ethernet systems, in 2010, the MSX-ilog dataloggers and the real-time Ethernet systems of the x-ARTS series are developed in 2010. With the robust dataloggers, monitoring tasks directly in the production can be realised, even under harsh conditions.

In 2012, the vision that once started with the Ethernet systems takes on a concrete form. Our project of the future for the 4th industrial revolution receives a name: The Mechatrology.

Since 2013, the company is official partner of the transfrontier project “Wirtschaft macht Schule / les classes sortent en boîte” in the Upper-Rhine region by the German Chamber of Commerce (IHK) and the French Chamber of Commerce (CCI). An important project for the future is the promotion of young people in the technical sector. ADDI-DATA is pleased to help in securing the future of the region as an attractive place for the industry. In the same year, the product range is extended with the CompactPCI serial boards and the resolver digital converter MSX-RDC-17.

In 2014, ADDI-DATA celebrates its 30th anniversary. The course for the future is set, to make sure that we stay innovative creators of reliable solutions for measurement and automation, also in times of Industry 4.0. / Advanced manufacturing.

Company philosophy

You will find ADDI-DATA solutions worldwide in numerous industrial areas: automotive and metal industry, engine building industry, tailor-made machinery, aircraft and chemicals industry, etc. They are used for quality control, process control, signal switching, data acquisition, motion control or position acquisition.

Quality, reliability, sustainability and adaptability are the ideas that drive us forward, so you can bring your projects to a successful conclusion.


ADDI-DATA has been providing high quality industrial measurement and automation systems for almost 40 years. Our passion is to develop products that meet your expectations and to be a reliable partner for you from the very beginning.


Our products are designed and manufactured in Germany and undergo rigorous functional testing. This guarantees the smooth running of your automation projects.


We are always there for our customers and offer many services, such as consulting, feasibility studies, technical support after the sale.

Sustainability of investments

Our development department works quickly and flexibly, guaranteeing customized solutions for every need, and in the shortest possible time.


We guarantee long-term availability of all our products and services. We are aware of the role we play in the entire automation process and take our responsibility very seriously.

Corporate social engagement

From its beginning in the 1980s, ADDI-DATA has been supporting the project Lebenshilfe der Region Baden-Baden – Bühl – Achern e.V. with yearly donations. The Lebenshilfe is an association for disabled people of all age and their families. We support this project because it is important for us to give something back to the people in our region.

“After the verb ‘to Love,’ ‘to Help’ is the most beautiful verb in the world.” (Bertha von Suttner, 1843-1914)

Certificate of appreciation for the long-time support of the project “Lebenshilfe der Region Baden-Baden – Bühl – Achern e.V.”

Code of conduct

The company ADDI-DATA commits herself to make the principles of ethical behaviour, integrity and compliance part of her corporate strategy, her organisational culture as well as her daily business activities.

The code of conduct and the compliance guidelines lean on to the basics of the principles of the Global Compact Initiative in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption.


The Ethernet systems of the MSX-E series and data loggers of the MSX-ilog series are especially suited for industrial measurement, control and regulation under harsh conditions in the field, directly at the machine or close to the sensor. To assure this and to guarantee the desired product quality, the resistivity of the systems was proven in the following tests executed by an accredited test laboratory:

  • Climatic tests (temperature range from -40°C to +85°C)
  • Mechanical-dynamical tests (vibrations up to 2 G)
  • Tests for degree of protection (dust and jet water, IP 65)

ESG - EcoVadis

For many years, the ADDI-DATA group has placed environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues at the heart of its concerns. In an ever-changing world, ADDI-DATA continually strives to implement ever more advanced practices to reinforce the positive impact of its activities on the environment and society. For our customers, this commitment is a guarantee of trust and quality.

Against this backdrop, in December 2023 we commissioned EcoVadis to audit us in the 3 dimensions of ESG:

  • environmental criteria: greenhouse gas emissions, waste management and recycling, energy-saving policies, etc.

  • social criteria: impact of the company's activities on employees, customers and suppliers, safety at work, respect for labor rights, etc.

  • governance criteria: company management policy, management transparency, etc.

We are proud to announce that, for its first participation, ADDI-DATA has been awarded the Bronze Medal by the EcoVadis organization. This recognition testifies to our ongoing commitment to environmental, societal and governance issues, and underlines our determination to maintain high standards in all aspects of our business.

This Bronze Medal represents much more than just an award; it testifies to our commitment to our values and our responsibility to society and the environment. We see this recognition as an incentive to pursue our efforts and continue to innovate for a sustainable future, while reinforcing the confidence of our customers and partners in our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices.

Expert network

ADDI-DATA is part of an expert network composed of many well-known manufacturer and organisations. 

The automation sector is always in motion. Thus it is important for us to receive first-hand information about new technologies in order to integrate them as fast as possible into our own development projects. You benefit from this as we offer you top-quality products with leading standard technologies that are always state-of-the-art.


Protection of the environment

Packaging - Carton of 5 cards

For environmental reasons, we have modified our packaging and adapted it to our customers' wishes. You ask us more and more often to reduce paper and cardboard waste. Up to now, regardless of the quantity ordered, you have received our cards in individual packaging, which is usually only used for transport and which you no longer need.

Therefore, we offer you to use our new five-card box from the purchase of three cards. The card is wrapped in its ESD protection and inserted into one of the five compartments. To protect the cards from transport damage, the five-card boxes are in turn packed in a transport box. The annual increase in shipping costs is also one of the reasons that motivated us to optimize our packaging concept. By saving on packaging costs, we can compensate for the increase in transport costs and avoid an increase in our shipping costs.

In addition, the five-card box saves space in your stock, unlike individual packages. This is a real advantage if you don't have the use of individual cartons.

Individual packaging

For the same reasons of environmental protection and cost, we have decided to replace our high quality finished packaging (offset printing, 4 colors, including varnish) with simple corrugated cardboard packaging. This corrugated cardboard is made of renewable raw materials and can be fully recycled.

CD-ROM 1 (drivers) and CD-ROM 2 (technical manuals)

We only deliver one CD-ROM containing the drivers and the technical manuals. The CD-ROM remains free of charge. For individual orders, we include one CD-ROM per card. For orders of cards delivered in a box of five cards, we will only include one CD-ROM in the future. If you need more CD-ROMs, please indicate this on the order form.

Invoice by e-mail

If you wish, we can send you your invoices only by e-mail. In this case, please provide us with your e-mail address for sending the invoices.


What is the duration of the warranty?

The products delivered by ADDI-DATA benefit from a 24-month warranty starting from the delivery date, covering any hidden defect, resulting from a defect of material, design or manufacture affecting the products delivered and making them unfit for use. This warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of the products affected by a defect at the seller's discretion.

Is it possible to have ADDI-DATA repair defective cards or systems?

Yes, for our own cards and systems we offer our repair services. To send us your product, please follow the following procedure:

  • Mention on the delivery note the reason for the return of your product
  • Indicate if you want a repair estimate (free)
  • Return the product to the following address:

Airpark Business Center
Airport Boulevard B210
77836 Rheinmünster