Data loggers

MSX-ilog data loggers from ADDI-DATA are used for continual data acquisition and storage over long periods of time. Diverse physical measurements can be acquired and shown in different display modes.
Data storage and visualisation take place parallel to one another.




Data recording and visualisation made easy

Different hardware versions

Different hardware versions are available to meet the various application requirements: Ethernet systems, PCI and CompactPCI solutions. The version with Ethernet systems is primarily designed for use in the field: the systems have numerous protective circuits and IP 65 protection levels and they can be used with an operating temperature from -40 °C to +85 °C. In order to safeguard your investments, MSX-ilog data loggers can be supplied by ADDI-DATA over many years.

Applications areas

  • Environmental technology
  • Aviation
  • Research and development
  • Engineering
  • Building services
  • Monitoring of infrastructure
  • Energy industry
  • Transport monitoring
  • Stock control
  • Chemicals


Industry standard solutions - One-time acquisition costs (no additional license costs) - Independent from operating systems - Software integrated in the hardware (no installation necessary) - Simple operation via the web-based user interface - Recording of a number of signal types as physical measurement data - Fast acquisition

Bespoke solutions

In order to make the data recording as efficient as possible, it is important to adapt the measurement system as closely to your requirements as possible. This is not always possible with standard products. We are happy to advise on finding the optimum solution for your applications and perform the necessary adaptations for you. Just ask us!


The serial number of the MSX-E, MSX-ilog and MSX-EC (EtherCAT) remote systems is located on the back of the system.

If you should not have physical access to the system to look up this number, we have various solutions to retrieve this information (via the network to which the system is connected).