Machine vision

We design and integrate machine vision systems into your production line. Take your quality control to the next level!
We believe that increasing transparency in industrial process helps you leverage more value, reduce manufacturing costs, and support your operators in their daily tasks. Rely on our expertise to automate quality control tasks such as visual inspection or volumetric measurement, and unlock the potential of our edge machine vision system, the MSX-AI-5000, and all the included services.

Machine vision engineering

We develop machine vision solutions that allow you to automate error-prone and time-consuming inspection tasks.

Edge-to-Cloud architecture

We design complete edge-to-cloud ecosystems that integrate with your existing IT networks to bring only valuable data to your servers.

Data and ML engineering

We support you in your data management strategy and ML models deployment strategy.


We improve existing production lines to provide you with new data sources and reach higher levels of automation.

A ready-to-use machine vision system

Edge computer vision in real-time

An end-to-end solution that provides edge computing for machine vision: the right combination of classic image processing with neural networks in a lightweight embedded software.

Multi-application & customizable

Customizable through the development of customer-centric applications named skills, to best fit your needs and constraints. It supports industrial communication protocols and a wide range of industrial 2D and 3D cameras.

Intuitive user experience

Its operator-friendly user interfaces (Android app and web interface) make it easy to use and to setup. The system offers an automated non-intrusive visual process, with a guided deployment.

Secure and GDPR-compliant

Provides advanced cybersecurity through encryption ciphers and authentication methods. The system also complies with the GDPR and all applicable standards.

Faster time-to-market for your AI-based vision system


An edge platform that allows easy deployment of 2D and 3D computer vision processing, combined with deep learning algorithms, in a production-ready software system.


A development environment designed by developers, for developers. The Visual Studio Code plugin allows you to manage deployed skills and AI models, and to debug algorithms with a live visualization.

State of the art and proven standards

A solution based on a modern software stack, allowing developers to integrate existing OpenCV or Open3D algorithms, as well as deep learning models such as YOLO, ResNet or U-Net.


The system can perform various checkpoints: defects detection, surface inspection, volumetric measurement, component placement check, information reading…

Yes, the MSX-AI-5000 supports all industrial cameras on the market, to provide a cost-effective retrofit of vision systems. On request, ADDI-DATA may integrate additional camera interfaces to the system.

Yes, the MSX-AI-5000 supports various industrial communication protocols including OPC UA or MQTT, in order to control installations such as PLCs or actuators. On request, ADDI-DATA can integrate additional communication interfaces to the system.

Yes, ADDI-DATA offers a specific application development service to best meet the needs of its customers.

Yes, all the communications from MSX-AI-5000 are encrypted and the system provides an authentication system with fine-grained user privilege management.

No, you can use MSX-AI-5000 for any application that requires image processing (smart city, building automation, robot/vehicle guidance, medicine, pharmaceutic…).

The MSX-AI-5000 supports classical computer vision (OCR, shape detection, tracking), stereo vision (point cloud processing, clustering, plane estimation), and deep learning (segmentation, object detection and classification).

Yes, ADDI-DATA offers a SDK for developers who are interested in building their own computer vision applications.