Machine vision system MSX-AI-5000

The MSX-AIRIS software is an autonomous computer vision software that does not require a connection to the cloud. It enables the execution of artificial intelligence algorithms in real time, making the system more resistant to disturbances and less sensitive to environmental variations. It contains an intelligent industrial agent software with its user interfaces and allows developers to customize the algorithms executed using development tools (IDE + SDK) in applications named “Skills”.



The MSX-AI-5000 is an artificial intelligence-based industrial edge vision system. Through this product, we offer a solution for industrial productivity buyers or quality control and maintenance engineers seeking to automate quality control tasks for manufactured parts, by providing them with our user-friendly complete machine vision system: hardware module, industrial cameras, and AI-assisted embedded processing.

Unlike complex and too specific competing solutions, the MSX-AI-5000 by ADDI-DATA is a versatile product that allows to increase speed and accuracy of error prone tasks such as visual inspection, thus preventing non-detection of defects while ensuring process transparency. This system allows to perform different applications on the same hardware base by installing various skills (see catalog). These skills are developed to best fit specific use cases constraints, and are easily reconfigurable if further requirements arise. The user friendly interface (Android app & web browser) enables an uncomplex administration and setting of the system, thus ensuring maximum efficiency and minimum efforts.


  • MSX-AIRIS on the edge
  • Multi-camera
  • Customizable skills
  • Non-intrusive process
  • User-oriented interfaces
  • Optional SDK available


  • Up to 6 cameras
  • Suitable for 2D and 3D camera
  • 4x UVC cameras
  • 2x GigE cameras
  • RTSP and IP cameras
  • Others camera interfaces on request


  • 1x Gb Ethernet for LAN connectivity
  • 4x USB 3.2 ports for UVC cameras
  • 2x PoE ports for GigE cameras
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Cascade mounting with ADDI-DATA products to build an ecosystem
  • Other interfaces on request*: 4G, Ethercat…



  • Quality control
  • Predictive and corrective maintenance
  • Smart city and many others…

Use cases

  • Manufactured parts visual inspection
  • Assembly check
  • Leather/fabric surface inspection
  • 3D volumetric measurement and many others…



  • Artificial intelligence-based edge processing
  • Deep learning vision processing: segmentation, classification, object detection
  • Classic computing vision processing: OCR, tracking, object recognition, color filtering, thresholding …
  • Autonomous system with a dynamic behavior: multi-skill (multiple skills on the same camera) & multi-camera (multiples cameras for one skill)
  • Security through an administrator rights system

SDK on request

  • Visual Studio plugin
  • Vision processing library

Cyber-secure communication

  • Encrypted MQTT & OPC UA interfaces with TLS protocol
  • Authenticated and encrypted data communication: AES encryption, RSA cryptosystem

Operator-friendly user interface

  • No coding skill management and system administration
  • Easy-to-use camera setup interface

Service on request

The MSX-AI-5000 is an artificial intelligence-based industrial edge vision system.



English version


Dimensional measure of orthopedic knit fabrics

Our customer is one of the French market leaders in the field of orthopedic textiles. The control of the industrial knit fabrics is essential to ensure the quality of the final product.



Assembly components check on black metal frames

Our customer is a tier-1 automotive equipment supplier, specialized in metal frames manufacturing (machining, stamping, welding). For tier-1 automotive suppliers, the assembly check of the final products before delivery to their customers is a priority.