The software ConfigTools assists you in administrating and configuring the intelligent Ethernet systems of the MSX-E series. It is, for example, possible to scan the systems present on the network, modify the IP address, update the firmware or access the web interface to parameterise the system.

Automatic search for the MSX-E systems

When ConfigTools is started, all MSX-E systems are scanned and then listed in the “ConfigTools Explorer”.

To make another scan, click on the green icon on the top right corner of the “ConfigTools Explorer” window.

Click on the MSX-E system that you want to administrate.

Overview ConfigTools window

In the “Product information section”, you can find information about the system (serial number, IP address, firmware version etc.)

Action/available functions of the MSX-E system

You can find all available functions of the systems in the “Actions” section

Firmware update

With “Firmware update”, the firmware can be updated. Firmware data can be downloaded from the download/driver section of the ADDI-DATA website.

System configuration through web interface

When you click on the “Web Interface” button, the website of the systems opens. This website allows you to configure the acquisition (choice of the channels, frequencies, triggers, etc.). The button “save general configuration” can save the common elements of the configuration. The button “save I/O configuration” can save the configuration of the specific function of a system.

ConfigTools for acquisition systems with inductive transducers

ConfigTools includes a database of inductive transducers which can be updated and complemented. The transducer has to be present in the database so that the system can recognize it. The transducers can be calibrated for one or more channels and checked for errors such as short circuits or line breaks. The channels to acquire can be chosen and visualised. Each acquired value of a channel is immediately shown in a diagram.