Vision quality control

Dimensional measure of orthopedic knit fabrics

Learn how our machine vision solutions can carry out the measurement of a knit fabric in a few seconds.

Assembly components check on black metal frames

Learn how our machine vision solution can detect black screws on dark background with precision.


Quality control of ball-bearings

For this task, the robust MSX-E3701 system is used with a development mode application, in which two sensors acquire and measure the balls.

Gear diameter measurement

The diameter between the gear teeth shall be measured. Therefore the gear wheel is put on a measurement table with a ball for stopping.

Shaft measurement

Cylinder-symmetric as well as non cylinder-symmetric parts of a shaft are to be measured with an optical shaft measurement machine.

Measurement tasks in a coal power plant

A coal power plant needs to detect the energy loss occurring in different areas of the power plant in order to minimize the energy loss and optimize the energy production process.

Measurement device for clutch discs

A plunger gets down until it reaches the clutch disc. The plunger is turned and thereby force and distance are measured.

Measurement of a spherical roll

Length and maximum diameter of a spherical roll are to be measured.

Muzzle velocity measurement

A weapon manufacturer wants to modernise a shooting tunnel in order to measure the muzzle ­velocity of machine guns.

Measurement of emission values, boost pressure and temperature for engine test benches

An automotive manufacturer wants to build test benches for engines to measure, among other data, the temperature inside the engines, the emission values and the boost pressure.

Measurement of railways tracks to reduce the wear and to optimise the travelling speed

A railway company wants a system for the measurement of railway tracks (elevations, depressions etc.) and of the contact or force between pantograph and overhead traction line in order to reduce the wear and to optimise the travelling speed.

Temperature and humidity measurement

Learn how to monitor and control temperature and air humidity in real time.

Long-term temperature measurement in wind power plants

A manufacturer of wind power plants is looking for the reason of repeated breakdowns of wind turbines.

Temperature measurement device for a submarine

The motors and generators of a submarine shall be permanently monitored to avoid overheating.

Temperature monitoring in a steelwork

In steelmaking the temperature is an important parameter. Therefore it must be precisely measured and monitored.

Position acquisition

Acquisition of position encoders

Learn how ADDI-DATA solutions enable fast signal transmission and high-precision position detection.

Position acquisition in a welding process

Learn how Ethernet counter systems can help you acquire positions and ensure a high quality welding process.

Exact positioning of a magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT)

The table of a magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT) for 3D scans is to be positioned precisely in order to be able to correctly assign the pictures to each position.

Positioning of axes for surface measurement

For the measurement of the surfaces of rotationally symmetric parts numerous axes must be positioned.

Data acquisition

Monitoring of a tools motor current

During the production process of gear, the tool seizes. Thus the motor current increases abruptly.

Optimisation of the press process

In order to optimise the press process and to reduce defective parts the press depth of a press shall be monitored cycle-dependently.

Optimisation of the traverse path

A manufacturer of CNC milling machines wants to optimise the traverse path of his machines and their speed and precision.

Flight tests

A plane manufacturer wants to carry out flight tests.

Avoiding downtime in bottling plants

During summer, it is bottled at high rate within a short time. So there is no time for downtime. Fortunately, inline measurement exists.

Gas tank supervision

The condition of a gas tank needs to be supervised. If a gas leak is detected, an alarm has to be activated.

Monitoring of wafer production machines

In order to achieve the best quality of wafers with regard to purity, roughness and flatness and to reduce rejects.

Control of rotary folding machines

In rotary folding machines, a precise movement of the paper during the work process is necessary to avoid that the paper gets torn.

Increase the yield of a photovoltaic plant

A photovoltaic plant must be adjusted in order to earn the maximum current yield.

Weighing and packaging machine

A fruit wholesaler needs a device for weighing, sorting and packing apples into trays. Each tray shall have the same predefined weight.

ABS Test bench

A test bench for the test of ABS devices is created. It simulates a breaking process in order to check the functional ability of the control device.

Increasing the productivity of a flake board production facility

A manufacturer of flake boards wants to modernize his production facility.

Test device for gear wheels for watches

A manufacturer of watches is looking for new measurement electronics that are suitable for a manual testing device as well as for a transportable solution for the measurement of the surface of gear wheels.

Supervision of a collection tank for chemicals

The fill level, temperature and pressure of an outdoor collection tank for highly reactive cleaning fluid is to be supervised.

Surface testing

A manufacturer of car parts wants to test the surface of his produced brake discs as exactly as possible for roundness, radius and surface quality.

Real-time regulation systems

Active vibration damping

For this, a real-time regulation system is used, the MSX-Box, which continuously adapts the counterforce to the vibrations.

Regulation of the acquisition speed

In a measurement device, inductive displacement transducers are acquired simultaneously and the measurement values are processed with a PLC.