The industrial AI platform for Edge Machine Vision

The MSX-AIRIS software is an autonomous computer vision software that does not require a connection to the cloud. It enables the execution of artificial intelligence algorithms in real time, making the system more resistant to disturbances and less sensitive to environmental variations. It contains an intelligent industrial agent software with its user interfaces and allows developers to customize the algorithms executed using development tools (IDE + SDK) in applications named “Skills”.



ADDI-DATA developed the MSX-AIRIS software package to provide our customers with a simple and complete artificial intelligence platform for machine vision.
Deployed on the edge to minimize latencies, the MSX-AIRIS runtime is optimized for the execution of 2D and 3D vision algorithms, as well as Deep Learning inferences, on multiple cameras.
This new version of our platform allows the implementation of Deep Learning solutions without writing a single line of code. This new feature simplifies the entire process: from images acquisition to runtime deployment, including dataset preparation and model training. Our customers will benefit from new functionalities – previously only available via cloud platforms – on their edge servers, thus offering new perspectives of evolution for advanced use cases. For example, the learning of new part references or defect typologies, without Deep Learning expertise.
In addition, our solution allows for extensive customization of algorithms, via cross-platform development tools (Windows, Linux and macOS) and a vision SDK. The deployed algorithms easily interface with the existing industrial environment, thanks to the native and secure integration of OPC UA and MQTT protocols.

Artificial intelligence

  • No-code Deep Learning training
  • Dataset creation and management
  • Deep learning model deployment on the edge
  • Integration to MLOps pipelines with communication API


  • Native support for industrial color cameras (UVC, GigE, RTSP)
  • Native support for stereo vision cameras (Intel RealSense)
  • ROS Ecosystem
  • Compatible with ADDI-DATA industrial systems for measurement and regulation tasks
    • Analog I/O
    • 24 V Digital I/O
    • Encoder acquisition
  • Others on request

Administration interfaces

  • Android app & web interface
  • Camera management, live playback and parameter settings


  • OPC UA server integrated to access processing results
  • MQTT publisher integrated to publish processing results
  • Communication clients available for custom control routines
  • Others on request


  • Communication encryption (TCP, Websocket, OPC UA and MQTT)
  • Authentication


  • Vision SDK
  • Multiplatform development with Visual Studio Code Extension



English version


User guide

English version


Dimensional measure of orthopedic knit fabrics

Our customer is one of the French market leaders in the field of orthopedic textiles. The control of the industrial knit fabrics is essential to ensure the quality of the final product.



Assembly components check on black metal frames

Our customer is a tier-1 automotive equipment supplier, specialized in metal frames manufacturing (machining, stamping, welding). For tier-1 automotive suppliers, the assembly check of the final products before delivery to their customers is a priority.