MSX-EC-3781 – Fieldbus DAQ System – Length measurement

The MSX-EC-3781 EtherCAT system for inductive probes has 8 channels, 24 bits, for multiplexed acquisition of inductive sensors (half-bridge, LVDT). It is intended for use close to the measuring point in the field and therefore has numerous protective circuits, galvanic isolation and an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. Its metal housing corresponds to protection class IP 65. The 24 V trigger input allows the acquisition to be triggered by an external trigger source. To start the measurement, the rising or falling edge or both can be taken into account. The counter allows to define the number of edges after which the acquisition should be started.



  • 16 MB onboard SDRAM for storing data
  • Robust standardised metal housing
  • Power Save Mode: Reduction of the power consumption when no acquisition runs

Acquisition modes:

  • Untriggered live signal
  • Acquisition triggered by external motor controller
  • Average mode

Transducer inputs

  • 8 transducer inputs, 24-bit, 5-pin M18 female connector
  • Connection of half-bridge (HB) or LVDT transducers
  • Simultaneous acquisition
  • Diagnostic function (short-circuit, line break)


  • Gear wheel measurement
  • Gauge block measurement
  • Sensor data acquisition
  • Quality assurance, automatic component testing
  • Industrial process control
  • Profile and surface measurement


  • EtherCAT
  • 24 V and RS422 trigger interfaces
  • 24 V supply


Accessories for Fieldbus DAQ System

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