MSX-ilog-TC – Temperature Data logger

The intelligent Ethernet data logger for temperature measurement MSX-ilog-TC has 16 differential inputs for thermocouples. The parametering and visualisation of the measured values are carried out via an integrated web site. Thus no additional software installation is needed. The acquisition, visualisation and data storage take place automatically. The system was developped for long-term temperature measurement in the harsh industrial environment and thus has a 4 GB build-in flash memory. It has the degree of protection IP 65, numerous protective circuits and an operating temperature from -25°C to +85°C, thus it is also suitable for use outside.



The intelligent Ethernet data logger MSX-ilog-TC has 16 differential inputs for thermocouples.
The measurement is parameterised and visualised on an integrated web interface. Thus, no additional software needs to be installed. The acquisition of the channels as well as visualisation and storage of the measured values take place automatically.


  • Onboard ARM®9 32-bit processor
  • 4 GB memory: No data loss in case of voltage loss
  • The buffered real-time clock keeps the system time even without supply voltage
  • Robust metal housing
  • Power Save Mode: Reduced power consumption when no acquisition runs
  • Digital trigger input (24 V)

Analog inputs

  • 8-pin M12 female connectors
  • 16 differential inputs for thermocouples, 24-bit
  • Max. sampling frequency: 1 kHz


  • Automatic acquisition and storage of measured data
  • Conversion into temperature (degree)
  • Acquisition of virtual channels


  • Acquisition triggered via hardware or software
  • 24 V hardware trigger (external)
  • Threshold trigger (when the defined level of the analog inputs is exceeded)
  • Optional pre-trigger (records events which have occurred before the trigger event)
  • Triggers from external hardware (e. g. MSX-E systems) are possible

Alarm functions

  • Upper and lower limits of channels
  • Data storage depending on alarms
  • Can be combined with the pre-trigger


  • Graphical analysis of measured data online
  • Data export (xml, csv)

Safety features

  • Optical isolation
  • LED status display for fast error diagnosis
  • Input filters
  • Overvoltage protection ± 40 V
  • Internal temperature monitoring


  • Data logger
  • Long-term data recording
  • Monitoring of infrastructure


  • Fast 24 V trigger input
  • Ethernet switch with 2 ports
  • Trigger In/Out
  • 24 V supply and cascading

Communication interfaces

  • Web server (configuration and monitoring)
  • Data server (TCP/IP or UDP socket) for sending acquisition data

Combination with external hardware

Ethernet and supply signals can be looped from the MSX-ilog-TC to MSX-E systems, e.g. These can then react to the values measured by the MSX-ilog (e.g. via alarm or trigger) and acquire or switch distributed I/O signals. This allows for monitoring tasks or regulation, for example.


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