Assembly components check on black metal frames

Our customer is a tier-1 automotive equipment supplier, specialized in metal frames manufacturing (machining, stamping, welding). For tier-1 automotive suppliers, the assembly check of the final products before delivery to their customers is a priority. However, when performed by an operator, such quality control tasks come with several drawbacks: these tasks are unrewarding, visually tiring, and highly error-prone.

Furthermore, conventional machine vision solutions are not able to meet the specific needs of our customer:

  • Assembly check of different types of components with the same hardware.
  • Assembly check of black screws on a dark background. This is a particularly challenging task because there are no visual features which algorithms can rely on.

ADDI-DATA faced several technical challenges to meet these customer requirements:

Check the presence of black screws on a dark background

A specific Deep Learning model has been trained in order to detect the presence of black
screws, even on dark backgrounds.

Assembly components check on black metal frames

Facilitate the integration of the workstation into the current process

ADDI-DATA manufactured a jig to ensure the correct placement of the part before the operator triggers the inspection. The system then generates the printout of a traceability label.

ADDI-DATA designed a solution that meets the different needs, according to the following process:

  • The operator places the part on the jig, and then triggers the inspection
  • The part reference is automatically detected, then the presence of the different elements is checked in 5 seconds
  • At the end of the control, a visual and audible signal is emitted, a traceability label is printed and the results are sent to the Quality Management Software

The complete vision system for automation of metal frame assembly inspection developed by ADDI-DATA consists of:

  • Our appliance optimized for computer vision
  • A software licence including
    • A customized skill developed by ADDI-DATA
    • Data reporting to the Quality Management Software
    • Connection to an existing industrial printer for the printout of a traceability label
  • 1x high-resolution industrial camera
  • A jig to ensure the correct placement of the parts to inspect
  • A switch to triggers the inspection process


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