Measurement of emission values, boost pressure and temperature for engine test benches


An automotive manufacturer wants to build test benches for engines to measure, among other data, the temperature inside the engines, the emission values and the boost pressure. The data is to be acquired simultaneously and the measured raw values to be calculated and stored in a self-consistent data set. The data is stored on a centralised server and the visualisation is effected via a central control station.


For this task, the MSX-Box, our real-time stand-alone system, was chosen as the engine test benches are located at different places of the factory and a high amount of raw data is gathered. At each test bench there are 4 MSX boxes with analog and digital inputs, connected to each other as well as to the main server through Ethernet. The calculation is done onboard in order to take load off  the central server and to take full advantage of the MSX-Box capacity. The CAN messages and the data from the serial interfaces are combined with the other measurement values (temperature, boost pressure, etc.) using an interrupt routine and provided with a time stamp. On the centralised server, all the measurement data is collected. The data is visualised on a PC.

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