Supervision of a collection tank for chemicals


The fill level, temperature and pressure of an outdoor collection tank for highly reactive cleaning fluid is to be supervised. As soon as a predefined limit value is exceeded, the excess fluid shall be pumped into an expansion tank. The required solution has to be suitable for outdoor use.


For the measurement of the pressure, temperature and fill level, the analog Ethernet input system MSX-E3011 is used. It calculates the acquired values and compares the result to the predefined limit value. If this value is exceeded, the MSX-E3011 triggers the analog Ethernet output system MSX-E3511 to activate the pump and the valve in order to pump the fluid into the expansion tank. With a temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C and a robust metal housing with the IP 65 degree of protection, the MSX-E systems fulfil the requirements for outdoor use.

Products used:

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