CPCI-1564 – DAQ CPCI Card – Digital Inputs/Outputs

The CompactPCI 3,3V 64 digital I/O card CPCI-1564 has 32 digital inputs, 24 V, and 32 digital outputs, 24 V. 16 inputs are interruptible. The card is especially suited for applications like I/O control, ON/OFF monitoring of motors, lights, etc. in the harsh industrial environment. The 32 outputs (11-36 V) have an output current of 500 mA per channel and are reset to “0” at Power-on. The board is optically isolated up to 1000 V.




  • CompactPCI 3,3 V


  • 32 optically isolated digital inputs, 24 V , including 16 interruptible and 3 counter inputs
  • Inputs organised in 4 groups of 8 channels, each group has its own ground line
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • All inputs are filtered


  • 32 optically isolated digital outputs, 11 V to 36 V
  • Output current per channel 500 mA
  • Watchdog for resetting the outputs to “0“
  • At Power-On, the outputs are reset to “0“
  • Total current for 8 outputs 1.85 A
  • Short-circuit current per output max. 1.7 A
  • Electronic fuse
  • Overtemperature and overvoltage protection
  • 24 V power outputs with protection diodes and filters
  • Ext. 24 V voltage supply screened and filtered
  • Shutdown logic, when the external supply voltage drops below 7 V

Safety features

  • Optical isolation 1000 V
  • Creeping distance IEC 61010-1
  • Protection against fast transients (burst), overvoltage, electrostatic discharge and high-frequency EMI
  • Interrupt started through counter, timer
  • Separate ground line for inputs and outputs


  • Signal switching
  • Industrial digital I/O controlling
  • PLC coupling
  • Interface to electromechanical relays
  • Automatic test equipment
  • ON/OFF monitoring of motors, lights…
  • Watchdog
  • Machine interfacing

Software drivers

A CD-ROM with the following software and programming samples is supplied with the board.

Standard drivers for:

  • Linux
  • 32-bit drivers for Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
  • Signed 64-bit drivers for Windows 8 / 7 / XP
  • Real-time use with Linux and Windows on request

Drivers and samples for the following compilers and software packages:

  • C#.NET, C

On request:

Further operating systems, compilers and samples. Driver download: www.addi-data.com/downloads



Accessories for DAQ Cards

Find all the necessary and compatible accessories:




64-bit drivers for Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP and Linux as well as programming samples are included, real-time drivers for Windows and Linux are available on request.

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