Measurement of railways tracks to reduce the wear and to optimise the travelling speed


A railway company wants a system for the measurement of railway tracks (elevations, depressions etc.) and of the contact or force between pantograph and overhead traction line in order to reduce the wear and to optimise the travelling speed. The system is to be used in test trains as well as in standard trains and is to be installed inside the power car or in wagons. Railway standards (compatibility in order to avoid disturbing existing frequency uses) and EN50155 norm are to be complied with. Furthermore an extended temperature range is required (from -15°C to +70°C). The system should be a complete solution from one source.


For this application, a PC with Windows is used with a CPCI-1710 and a CPCI-3120 board. The CPCI-1710 is connected to rotary encoders, which acquire data and trigger the acquisition of the analog board through an hardware signal. The analog values are acquired simultaneously to the counter values.

Products used:

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