Temperature measurement device for a submarine


The motors and generators of a submarine shall be permanently monitored to avoid overheating. For this, a data logger shall effect temperature measurements and send a signal through Modbus TCP to a PC on the bridge as soon as a temperature limit is exceeded. For reasons of space, the temperature measurement system must be compact. Furthermore, it shall be resistant to the harsh environmental conditions and interferences on a military submarine.


For this task, the intelligent Ethernet system MSX-E3211 for temperature measurement was chosen. It converts autonomously the acquired signals that exceed the tolerance limit into a command to switch on the ventilation systems.

Thus it takes load off the PC on the bridge. For data recording, the system comes with a 64 MB RAM onboard memory. The robust and compact system is compliant to the degree of protection IP 65 and is suited for an operating temperature from -40° C to +85° C. Furthermore, it is resistant to vibrations, resonances and forces up to 20 G. Protective circuits ensure the interference resistance of the system. The MSX-E3211 is equipped with a Modbus TCP server for transferring the acquired data to the PC on the bridge.

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Temperature measurement device for a submarine

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