The PCI length measurement board APCI-3701 is designed for the acquisition of 16/8 inductive transducers (Half-Bridge, LVDT, Knäbel) with a 16-bit resolution. Furthermore, it has 16 digital inputs and outputs, optically isolated. The software ConfigTools included in delivery has a database for connecting/calibrating a large range of industry-standard transducers, such as Solartron, Tesa, Marposs, Schlumberger, Peter & Hirt, Mahr, RDP, Schaevitz, SMPR contrôle etc. The board is suited for dynamic measurement, e.g. for measuring moving parts or applications with time-critical measurement cycles – especially in test equipment with several sensors.

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With the length measurement board APCI-3701, you can connect directly and acquire up to 16 half-bridge or LVDT transducers. The calibration software “ConfigTools” guides you through each step of the installation, beginning with the selection of a transducer from a database including more than 50 pre-calibrated transducers up to testing each single channel.


  • PCI interface to the 32-bit data bus, 3.3 V or 5 V
  • Acquisition of 8 or 16 inductive transducers (half-bridge, LVDT, Knäbel)
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Sampling rate depending on the transducer: APCI-3701-8/-16: from 2 to 20 kHz
  • Measuring frequency programmable through software: Standard version APCI-3701-8/-16: from 2 to 20 kHz (50 kHz on request)
  • Conversion triggered through software, digital input or timer
  • End of conversion through software and/or interrupt
  • PCI-DMA access
  • Onboard FIFO
  • Sequence RAM
  • 16 digital inputs and outputs, optically isolated, 24 V
  • Connection of the transducer through an external box PX3701-8 or -16. The box type depends on the transducer, please order separately.
  • Software operation
  • Automatic setting of the input levels (gain and offset) acc. to the transducer sensitivity
  • Tool for the individual calibration of the transducers with transducer database
  • Database for connecting/calibrating a large range of
    industry-standard transducers (APCI-3701-8, or -16):
    • Solartron • Tesa • Marposs • Schlumberger
    • Peter & Hirt • Mahr • RDP • Schaevitz
    • SMPR Controle • Knäbel

Safety features

  • Input filters
  • Diagnostic function in case of short-circuits or line break
  • Noise neutralisation of the PC supply


  • Gear wheel control
  • Gauge block
  • Acquisition of sensor data
  • Quality control
  • Industrial process control
  • Automatic parts control
  • R&D Instrumentation

Software drivers

ConfigTools (supplied with the board)

  • Easy transducer calibration
  • Step by step from the transducer selection up to testing each single channel.
  • Database with more than 50 pre-calibrated transducers
  • Update of the APCI-3701 firmware

Standard drivers for:

  • Linux
  • 32-bit drivers for Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
  • Signed 64-bit drivers for Windows 8 / 7 / XP
  • Real-time use with Linux and Windows on request

Drivers and samples for the following compilers and software packages:

  • Microsoft VC++ • Borland C++ •
  • Visual Basic • Delphi
  • LabVIEW • LabWindows/CV

ADDIPACK functions:

  • Transducer • Timer • Digital input • Digital output

On request:

Further operating systems, compilers and samples. Driver download: www.addi-data.com/downloads


Accessories for PC Boards

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64-bit drivers for Windows and drivers for Linux as well as programming samples are included.
Real-time drivers for Linux and Windows are available on request.

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