MSX-Box-CPCI-400 – DAQ Ethernet Real-time

The CompactPCI MSX-Box-CPCI-400 bus real-time PAC system is intended for real-time measurement and control tasks in the industrial environment. It is composed of two main elements: the hardware which is based on a CompactPCI backplane and the software in the form of a Live DVD which contains the free development tools used for programming applications. If the user uses Addi-Data cards under Linux, he can now write his applications with the Live DVD: the drivers for the current PCI, PCI-Express and CompactPCI cards have been integrated into the DVD, both for the mode “User” and for “Kernel” mode. Depending on his application, he can adapt the drivers down to the source code. The MSX-Box allows signals from different fieldbuses to be recorded: CAN, Profibus, Ethernet or serial line signals (e.g. ultrasonic sensors or weighing devices). The PAC system can also process the following types of data: digital I/O, counter: (incremental, SSI etc.), analog I/O, serial interfaces and motion control.



  • Open and transparent Programmable Automation Controller system
  • With free development tools
  • Live DVD based on open source programs
  • Real-time measurement system

PAC systems

Programmable Automation Controller. PAC systems are mainly used for industrial measurement and control or regulation tasks as well as for motion control. They execute several tasks simultaneously and in a deterministic way.

Core features of a PAC system:

  • Compact and robust design
  • Programmable
  • Standard Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • CPU board as system controller
  • Different I/O module

Set course for freedom

Experience with the MSX-Box-CPCI-400 what freedom of decision-making really means:

  • You select the components of your PAC system: The MSX-Box-CPCI-400 is based only on reliable standard technologies like for example CompactPCI backplane. Freedom also means that you can use any of the numerous standard CompactPCI I/O boards
  • You decide, whether and when to update your operating system: Using the realtime operating system Linux with RTAI extension, no need to take care of updates. Save time and money!
  • You have free access to the software down to the kernel source code: You can make extensive system adaptations and realize your own optimized measurement system.


    • 4 CompactPCI slots (incl. 1 slot reserved for the controller board; 3 free slots)
    • 64 bits MIPS, no fan
    • 333 MHz
    • 100V – 240V, AC 47-63 Hz input voltage
    • 5 V (depending on the system) output voltage


Accessories for Fieldbus DAQ System

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