Flight tests


A plane manufacturer wants to carry out flight tests. During the flight, in different time intervals, the following values shall be high-precisely measured (µs range) with sensors and then synchronized with GPS: Ultrasound, pressure, incremental encoders, motor rotational speed, acceleration. The measured values shall then be saved in a text file in table form.


For this application, the real-time system MSX-Box with PCI backplane has been chosen. For the ultrasound and pressure measurement data, the analog I/O board APCI-3120 is used, for the acquisition of the motor rotational speed and the incremental encoders the multifunction board APCI-1710. Through the CAN bus of the MSX-Box, different accelerometers are connected and synchronized with the GPS time. This allows the MSX-Box to align the acquired values with the coordinates. For evaluation purposes, the measured values are saved on an USB flash drive.

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Flight tests

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